Thursday, January 25, 2007

She made me do it!

She's done it again. My best friend/worst tormentor has gone and done something...again. She started a blog, and thus has silently double dog dared me to do one also. There it is. One more waste of time in the vast wasteland which is my life. All because SHE had to go and start shit.

It would actually be a neat social experiment to compare and contrast our insanely differing views of the exact same events.

...By the way, I finally decided on BRUTALLY as the honesty setting for this particular blog so "you know who" (and you know who you are!) is not allowed to be offended by anything I might say here.

1 comment:

The Domestice Goddess. said...

bitch. and i find it odd in that funny sort of :why the hell are we friends: sort of way the total difference in the style of our pages you granola eatin' tree hugging freak. but just so long as you're not hugging me.