Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mustang? Hell Yeah!

I just came across THIS which states that the new KITT for the new made for TV Knight Rider movie is a Mustang! Hell Yeah! TransAms are for redneck pussies with little dicks. Mustangs are for girls who know how to drive stick and men who get girls who know how to drive stick.

I love this qoute: "Maintaining as much of the original beauty of the Shelby as possible was important—and not just because of the Ford connection. It had to be simple yet believable as a superhero."

Disclaimer: The above is my opinion. Only my opinion counts on this blog so if you disagree with me about this don't bother commenting, I will just delete it - unless of course you want everybody to know that you're a redneck pussy with a little dick...

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